mirror thoughts

The risk of becoming

The source of action - center of gravity - - : Pain, joy, curiosity...?

Threefold and complementary triade, tryptic displays

inherent geometry of thought, feeling and action,
at the same time a non-linear fluctuation of experience.
Capturing reality – the drug of sensation – the unsignifiable – and the concret, unique
autonomy of pictorial act within documentary

UNFOLDING underlaying waves the three worlds

seperating each specific character

quest of something unknown, the courage to follow as if you almost donT know what it is,
yet a frame of principles is set.

floating and merging of motives
of the present in the veil of personal history.

history “h”


composition of dialectical shocks in the act of showing VS gentle shifts by association of seemingly disconnected realms.
the act of filmmaking - Building of fragile connectivities of a history “h” of “what will have been”
human beings...
empathy for their history through the empathy of ones own
entering a deeper “commune” action, the retroactive document of an unwritten history through the realm of a personal search uncovering tension between a unique multiplicity “minoritaire” and superstructure/power, history of grand “H” which is a combative history of indigestable victories.